The Story and Concept of "From Sand"



From Sand is a concept album divided into two parts. The story is centered around the deconstruction of oneself to evolve to a deeper experience of life.

  It has always been a dream of the band's to record a concept album.

 The Element is heavily influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, Rush, Dream Theater, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Symphony X etc… The idea was to use these different influences in combination with the artwork created by artist Marcelo Macedo to tell the story. From Sand was also designed in a way so that each song can be a standalone track, giving the listener the freedom to enjoy each song separately, or as part of the story.


“From Sand - Part I”: The band had the privilege of working with famous producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Bob Dylan, etc…)


“From Sand - Part II”: This time around, the band has the honor working with legendary producer Jens Bogren(Symphony X, Pain of Salvation, Arch Enemy, Kreator, James Labrie, Paradise Lost…) and Tony Lindgren ( James Labrie, Paradise Lost...) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.



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